JSC Estilita, Vilkpedes 8, 7 corpus, Vilnius LT03151
Phone +370-5-2106555, mobile +370-652-90092, email: info@estilita.lt
We are flexible, professional and our production time is short!
About the company
ESTILITA is a flexographic printing house specializing in manufacturing of various blank and color, textile and cardboard labels since 1996. Over the years we have learnt to know our client, we know which label is needed for a particular article, therefore, we can offer the most optimal option tailored to your needs. Investment into printing equipment and equipment upgrades as well as professional expertise and long-standing experience of our employees enable us achieving especially high quality full-color printing. The clients of Estilita are companies from various industries, which need to design their product properly before putting it on the market (e.g., description of the composition of the product, color label of the product). Most of the orders are specific, tailored to the client needs; therefore, our employees can always offer several options for manufacturing a great label at the best price-quality ratio.
          The company also sells various items for product labeling/marking – special label printers and their consumables. We can help you to open a mini printing house in your company for printing small quantities. Our skilled employees will help choosing proper printers and materials, installing the equipment, and training your employee to work with new equipment.
The distinction of our company – flexibility, professional excellence, and short production lead time!