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Carbon ribbons
We offer carbon ribbons for all types of printers. Depending on a surface you need to print – matte or glossy paper, film, cardboard, or textile ribbons – we will offer wax, wax/resin, or resin types of ribbons. We also offer carbon ribbons for hot stamping.
          Wax carbon ribbon is usually used to print on matte or semi-gloss paper surfaces. It is the most economical choice, when the environmental resistance of the print, such as against scrubbing, scratching, solar or water impact, is not required.
          Wax/resin carbon ribbon is used to print on matte, semi-gloss, and glossy paper, PP and PET films, as well as other synthetic surfaces. These ribbons are a good choice, when a better environmental resistance of the print is required. These ribbons, as compared to wax ribbons, are more resistant to scrubbing, scratching, and such other environmental impact.
          Resin carbon ribbon is used to print on PP and PET films, synthetic and lacquered surfaces, as well as textile ribbons. These ribbons are used when durable print resistant to scrubbing, scratching, solar and water impact is required, textile ribbons – resistant to home and commercial washing.
          Hot stamping foils, depending on the specifics of application, are used to print on various surfaces: paper, synthetic, textile ribbons, etc.
          We offer ribbons for various printers – just contact us and we will select ribbons to use with your printer. We offer a wide selection of different widths and colors.