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Cartoon labels and tickets
Estilita manufactures cardboard hang tags mostly used by clothing manufacturers and sellers. Also cardboard labels are used by sellers and manufacturers of haberdashery, various accessories, knitted and crocheted goods. We can print any design or text as desired by you or manufacture blank labels and you will put down necessary information by using your label printer. Labels are available in rolls; therefore, it is very convenient to print dynamic information on any side of label.
We can manufacture labels from cardboard or special material – plastic – of various thicknesses. Cardboard can be glossy or matte, available in various textures. We offer labels of various forms and sizes. At your request we can manufacture labels of the exact size and form tailored to your wishes.
As the demand for tickets has increased on the market, our company customized the available technologies and now can offer the ticket printing service. It is the best, when tickets to various events, museums, attractions, also transportation tickets are printed on site, where tickets are sold, by using a thermal transfer printer, where dynamic information – barcode, place, name of the event, etc. – is printed directly from your computer program.
The most popular tickets are made from cardboard of various thicknesses, on which we can print your company’s logo, text, picture, and such other necessary information. For tickets we often use thermal cardboard. If you have a printer, you will be able to print dynamic information without extra cost by using carbon ribbons. To prevent forgery of tickets, we can offer various methods of protection against forgery – sophisticated design, luminous paint, holograms, etc. – depending on your needs and resources.