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Phone +370-5-2106555, mobile +370-652-90092, email: info@estilita.lt
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Self-adhesive labels
          Estilita manufactures self-adhesive labels for food products, industrial goods, and advertising business, descriptions of goods, barcodes, scale labels, blank label templates, etc.
          We can manufacture labels of any design and form. The available equipment enables offering especially high print quality – whether it is a photo, a graphic image, or only an information text.
          By knowing your wishes, we can offer printing labels on various materials – matte or glossy paper, foil or thermal paper. All of these materials are available in different adhesive capacity – standard, deep freeze, strong, removable, or heat resistant adhesives.
          We can also print descriptions of goods, barcodes, and dynamic information even in small quantities.
          If you have a label printer, we can supply label templates (both blank and with print) tailored to your needs. We can print your logo or such other static information and you will only have to print your dynamic information according to your needs.
          Contact us and we will find the best solution.