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Textile labels and ribbons
          We sell textile ribbons. Such ribbons are mainly used in the garment industry to mark laundry symbols.
          Currently we can offer nylon, white and black polyester, single faced white, black and double faced white satin, self-adhesive white nylon and satin, single faced color satin ribbons. We can custom make ribbons from other materials as well. We offer a wide selection of widths and, where necessary, we can cut according to your desired width
          Ribbons are available in rolls, which makes printing convenient with thermal transfer printers and such other equipment. We also sell carbon ribbons designed to print on textile ribbons. Paint sticks well and print is resistant to home and commercial washing. If you do not have a printer, we can print textile labels even in small quantities.
          On textile we can also print a color picture or text as desired by you.